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Dr. Emile Woo

General Surgeon

Dr. Colin Hong

Plastic Surgeon

Pacific Executive Health was started last year by Dr. Emile Woo and Dr. Collins Hong. It is located centrally near the corner of Broadway and Cambie Street.It is a private clinic catering to local, out-of-province, and overseas clients in the Metropolitan Vancouver area. Dr. Woo received his medical degree at the University of British Columbia. He went on to complete a residency in General Surgery at McMaster University followed by additional sub-specialty training in Head and Neck surgery. He has also worked in Singapore and has lectured in Canada and internationally on topics such as Geriatric Surgery and Gastric Cancer.

The clinic was started as a response to the growing need for health care services for the increasing Chinese population in the Vancouver area. The aim of the clinic is to therefore provide timely and quality care in a private setting. The clinic staff speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese as does Dr. Woo and Dr. Hong. Although Canada has some of the best trained physicians and health care standards, long wait times and unfamiliarity with the local medical system continues to be a barrier for many new immigrants. As well, the Canadian health care system is unique in that it allows for very little in the way of private services unlike the majority of the rest of the world. One example of the frustration that can arise can be found in a particular case that occurred last year. A visiting member of a Royal family required a simple procedure to be done while visiting the Vancouver area. Because the royal person was not a Canadian, there were many obstacles that prevented the procedure from happening at any of the local hospitals. In the end, Dr. Woo was called in and was able to quickly and easily meet the needs of the Royal person via a private facility. Pacific Executive Health is here to help patients navigate the Canadian medical system. It is also able to provide services that are not available with the public system such as newer technologies such as Capsule endoscopy and also able to offer painless colonoscopy without the long wait times. We also can offer independent medical assessments for almost any specialty in Chinese.

Dr. Colin Hong practices plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Toronto. He has extensive experience in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Micro vascular Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery. Dr. Hong is the current Chief of Plastic Surgery at Scarborough Centenary Hospital and the Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Centre. He was the past President of Ontario Society of Plastic Surgery and was the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Rouge Valley Health System as well as past Vice President of Ontario Section of Plastic Surgery.

PEH (Pacific Executive Health) partners with the following renowned medical facilities to provide a personal and seamless service to our clients.
Specialist Referral Clinic
Cambie Surgery Center
Vancouver Ultrasound Limited