Dr. Woo attended an Annual Meeting of Japanese Gastric Cancer Association in March of 2018

Dr. Emile Woo attended the 90th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Gastric Cancer Association, which was held in Yokohama Japan from March 7 to March 9 of 2018.

In this event, Dr. Woo participated in seminars and conferences associated with gastric cancer. He discussed the latest published research results with other medical specialists on gastric cancer, as well as shared the latest advancement. During the meetings, Dr. Woo along with other gastroenterological experts had profound discussions and analyses on gastric cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. A variety of excellent diagnostic methods and latest technology for gastric cancer treatment were exchanged and elaborated on during seminars.

With the utilization of advanced methodology and cutting edge technology, Dr. Emile Woo will, as always, be dedicated to delivering high quality medical services to all patients in Greater Vancouver area, who have health concerns or medical issues related to gastroenterology.

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