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About Us

Canada has some of the best trained physicians and health care standards, however, long wait times and unfamiliarity with the local medical system continues to be a barrier for many new Canadians. As well, the Canadian health care system is unique in that it allows for very little in the way of private services unlike the majority of the rest of the world. One example of the frustration that can arise can be found in a particular case that occurred not too long ago. A visiting member of a Royal family required a simple procedure to be done while visiting the Vancouver area. Because the royal person was not a Canadian, there were many obstacles that prevented the procedure from happening at any of the local hospitals. In the end, Dr. Woo was called in and was able to quickly and easily meet the needs of the Royal person via a private facility.

PEH was established to provide support in bridging this gap to our local clients, new Canadians, out-of-province or travelling clients.  Our surgeons are multi-lingual and so as our staff, and we are able to provide high standards private medical and surgical services in an efficient manner, and, in a language that you are familiar with.

Seamless & Tailored-to-you Medical and Surgical Services

At PEH, we provide efficient, seamless, tailored-to need private medical and surgical services to our clients. Our surgeons provide clients un-hurried independent assessments and provide treatment options best-fit for the clients.

Should clients require surgery, our patient educator will ensure clients are well prepared and informed, before and after surgeries. PEH can assist in the arrangement of pre-op/post-op escort or nursing service, if so required. Ensuring each client receives a complete, highest standard of continuity care, is our motto.

For clients who require services outside of our in-house specialists’ scope of practice,  our surgeons, with their extensive knowledge and resources, can assist you in the prompt referral and; arrangement to the right specialty.

Travelling Clients

Canada is an immigrant country. We are known for our friendly citizens and we welcome visitors and tourists from around the world. We take pride in the fact that Canada has some of the best quality medical care in the world. However, for traveling clients, one of the biggest barriers to accessing this care is the long wait to see a doctor and, the need to have a referral from a family doctor in order to see a specialist.

As a travelling client, you are actually in a better situation than Canadian citizens. Canadians have to follow the health care rules which have lead to long waits and inefficient care. As a travelling client, we can help you access a private system that is not easily available to Canadians and help you receive the quality care from either a primary care doctor or a specialist directly without the sometimes months’ long waits. We can also arrange for tests and procedures without the long wait that locals have to undergo.

PEH (Pacific Executive Health Inc.) partners with the following renowned medical facilities to provide a personal and seamless service to our clients.
Specialist Referral Clinic
Cambie Surgery Center
Vancouver Ultrasound Limited