Capsule Endoscopy

Visualization of the Colon without an invasive procedure!

Many people know that a colonoscopy is the gold standard test for colon cancer screening. However, there are legitimate concerns as the procedure is invasive and has a risk of causing an injury or perforation of the colon. As well, sedation of some form is required for most patients to be able to tolerate the procedure.

However, there is now an alternative that will allow for visualization of the colon without the need for an endoscope. As well, unlike CT colonography, this new method does not require any radiation dose and is able to show actual pictures of the colon instead of black and white digital ones.

PillCam Colon2 is a capsule with two cameras on either end that can capture up to 30 images per second. It then sends the pictures to a recording device that is comfortably worn by the patient. Once the study is complete, it is uploaded to a computer and the images are analyzed by one of our specialist doctors.

Patients do require a bowel cleanse prior to the study to allow the capsule to see clearly. However, there is no sedation required, no risk of perforation, and no radiation. There is a small risk of a retained capsule in 1% of patients. There is also a small risk of incompletely seeing the colon if the patient’s bowels move slowly.

If you are interested in seeing if PillCam Colon2 is appropriate for you, contact us today.